During many days of my life I have enjoyed what I call, “whoa” moments. These are moments of life that take my breath away, typically after a big change, or transition. Its a surreal feeling that my dreams are actually coming true.  I felt this sensation after I became a Mrs., and again the feeling came upon me when I bore my first child. “Whoa! I can’t believe I am a Mother!” I can’t believe that this little precious person is completely dependent upon me for physical, spiritual and emotional nourishment. She would in time, repay my efforts a thousand fold in her own special ways: milk bubble burps, the gift of finally sleeping through the night, cuddling with me in the way that I know the two of us fit together perfectly, preferring my touch and comfort to anyone else in the whole world. My oldest baby is now ten. She is growing into her own person, with beauty and grace as she captivates her world. “Whoa!” I can’t believe I have a ten year old! I am sure I will again come into this feeling as she graduates from high school, moves on to college, and begins her own family. As Mother’s Day is upon us this weekend, I want to take just a few minutes to reflect upon the life lessons I have learned about Motherhood, that I want to share in honor of all the powerful women in my life.

Children need their Moms.

While teens often despise their parent’s authority, as an adult I have come appreciate and long for the affection of my own mother. The bonds that link generations are passed from mother to child. With the knowledge that a child is loved, believed in and nurtured, he can go out into the world and conquer any challenge. At the same time, a mother can provide a space of safety, even when the world requires strength and valor, in the presence of Mom, a child can melt. After a traumatic experience, I needed to just hear my mother’s voice, and I knew I could allow her to be strong for me while I dealt with whatever emotions were staring me in the face; fear, sadness or loss.

A mother’s perspective of her children’s is the closest to divinity that can be experienced on earth.

To understand divinity is to simply love your own child. You can recognize her faults and weaknesses, and yet fully live invested in her well being. Without guile or restraint as a mother you can buoy up her talents, strengths and give her hope when devastation comes. 

In the show, “Les Meserables” Jean Val Jean sings a heart wrenching song during his last breaths, he declares, “To love another person is to see the face of God.” As a mother, I have felt immense gratitude as I have seen divinity in the face of my own children, and hope that in some measure they have come to know the great Creator because of my influence.

If a person wants to know who they truly are, just look into the eyes of their mother.

Many daughter has run from the notion that she will turn out like her Mother, however,  from personal experience I have come to appreciate the depth of my own Mother’s influence on my character. For example, it is because of my mother’s own un-ending optimism and patience that I choose to look ferociously for the best in others. I have even been known to use a few mom-isms myself when moments of intense emotions erupt in my house. Although, I haven’t yet reverted to child-name-blending when calling for my kids. While I believe everyone person comes to this world as their own unique person with gifts and talents, the influence that a mother has on her children is perpetual and unending. This Mother’s Day let us take a moment to appreciate in some small measure the gift of life given to us by our Mother, and to the women in our life who have nourished, cared for and uplifted us during our development.