Internal blinds allow you to control how much light enters your home without being a safety hazard or distraction. Because they are enclosed in a secure vinyl window or door casing, they maintain their beautiful, uniform appearance without needing to be straightened or re-aligned. Internal blinds are easy to maneuver and won't get tangled in their strings or nearby objects. The benefits they offer are well worth the additional cost and will pay for themselves over time.

Safe and Hazard-Free

From pets to kids, one wrong move and you end up with a mangled mess of blinds of cording that can pose a huge safety hazard. With internal blinds, the entire assembly is enclosed within the door or window's vinyl casing. There are no outside parts to grab onto or pull on. Children and pets can't separate the blinds or push them off to the side, bending and breaking the edges. There are no long cords that can get wrapped around nearby objects. Everything is securely enclosed and free of hazards.


The airtight enclosure that contains the blinds is sealed so that dust and allergens can't make their way inside. With traditional blinds, the additional surface area is an ideal place for dust and allergens to collect. Unless you clean your blinds every few days, the dust/allergen buildup can actually lower the air quality of your home. You never have to worry about cleaning your internal blinds. They are securely enclosed in an airtight space. When you have doors with blinds between the glass, all you have to do is wipe them down to keep them clean and free of fingerprints.

Internal Blinds Add Energy Efficiency to Homes 

Internal blinds are also extremely energy efficient. Closing the blinds in the heat of the day will keep your home cool in the summer and prevent your HVAC system from working overtime. Open the blinds to allow in natural light to keep your home bright and cheery. Adjust your blinds as necessary, to keep your home as comfortable as possible, any time of the day. At night, shut the blinds to protect your privacy. Glass doors with blinds inside make it easy to let light inside and still keep your home comfortable.

Low Maintenance

Internal blinds require very little maintenance. Because they are enclosed, they don't tangle, bend, or get caught up in themselves. Traditional blinds can get caught on curtains or door handles (French doors). Children and pets can easily get caught between the blinds and in the strings, damaging them beyond repair. With internal blinds, there is no way to come in contact with either the strings or the blinds. This means no cleaning, no untangling, and very little maintenance if any at all.

At Advanced Window Products, we offer a wide selection of windows and doors with internal blinds. Securely encased in high-quality vinyl doors and windows, our blinds are easy to adjust and will keep your home radiantly beautiful whether you are inside or out. We can increase your home's curb appeal and at the same time, provide you with comfort and a beautiful view when you sit down to relax for the evening.

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