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The beauty of the measuring tape

The beauty of the measuring tape

You can easily compartmentalize all retail products into two categories; pre-made and custom made. As with most home improvement projects, you have two routes for your replacement windows, out of the box, or made just for you.

Pre-Made Windows

Many homes have windows that are about the same size, regardless of when they were built, or who manufactured the product. So, you could go to the big box store and pick up new windows, pop out the old ones and pop in the new ones. The cost per window can be really inexpensive. The challenge with this scenario is that the windows are almost perfect, but not quite. The discord between the replacement window and your actual window opening can require additional labor, dry wall, and exterior work such as brick or stucco to blend the window to your home. That inexpensive pre made window can turn into an expensive window with all the to modifying, rebuilding and tweaking to ensure a snug fit.

Custom Made Windows

At Advanced Window Products we hand craft each window for every customer. Before you receive an official quote, we measure every window. This is especially helpful when you realize that your home may have shifted from its perfect horizontal level since it was built originally. Because the windows are all made specifically for each home, and each window, you can be sure it will fit perfectly into your home. The most common heralding praises we hear from our raving fans include, “Installation was quick, and effective.” “My energy bill dropped instantly.” “Your guys were in and out fast, and they even cleaned up after themselves.” What we are not hearing about are complaints from the additional cost of time and money to fix, repair, or widen window openings after the new windows are installed.

Let’s Break Out the Tape Measure

You choose which mode of home improvement works more effectively for your desired outcome. Regardless of which route you go, we invite you to request a free, no obligation quote from Advanced Window Products. Many of our customers outfit their whole house with new windows for around $100 per month with our 0% financing option. Give us a call today!


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