Owning a home can be expensive. Even aside from house payments, there are utility bills to pay, maintenance work to do, and repairs you have to make. Fortunately, there are also a lot of ways to lower your bills and reduce your long-term costs. Read on to find some of the ways to help you make your house more energy efficient and resistant to damage.

Keep the Gutters Clean

If your gutters are clogged, then you are probably getting a lot of extra water near your house's foundation. Over time, this could lead to some very costly foundation repairs. Take an afternoon and save yourself a lot of trouble later!

Banish Incandescent Bulbs

Every time one of your incandescent light bulbs burns out, replace it with an energy efficient bulb. Sure, they cost a little more, but they last so much longer that they more than pay for themselves. This means you have to replace bulbs left often and you save more energy on your utility bill each month.

Plant Trees!

Take note of which windows get the lightest during the summer, then plant some trees to block some of that light. This will naturally shade your house during the summer, lowering your cooling bill. Not only that, it makes your property look better and increases resale value!

Check the Vents and Hoses

Make sure your dryer vent is kept clean. This makes it run more efficiently and use less electricity. You should also periodically clean the vent hose at the back of the dryer, for the same reason. While you're at it, check that the hoses going into your washing machine are sealed tight as well, so you don't waste water.

Stop Pet Door Leaks

Pets are wonderful, and many pet owners install pet doors to let their furry little friends get more exercise and stimulation from the great outdoors. The trouble is, warm air from inside leaks out through these pet doors during the winter, and cool air leaks out during the summer. We can install advanced, energy-efficient pet doors that let your pets have the freedom they enjoy without wasting all that energy.

Get Out the Caulking Gun

As time goes by, your house settles a little. This can make your door and window frames pull away a little bit from the walls. In the summer, cool air leaks out through these cracks. Seal them up with a little caulk and watch your cooling bill go down.

Insulate Your Home While Giving It a Makeover

If the paint is peeling on your house, or the siding coming off, then this is the perfect time to make your home more energy efficient while sprucing it up. We can install insulated vinyl siding that is so efficient that it can reduce your energy costs by 30%! This siding also reduces weather damage, minimizing the repairs you have to make. Not only will our insulated vinyl siding save you money, but it will also make sure that you never have to paint your house again.

Replace Those Old Windows

As windows get older, they may start to warp, pulling away from their frames and leaking air. We can inspect your windows for you, and replace them with newer, better fitting windows. The difference this can make in heating and cooling bills is amazing.

Better yet, replace those old windows. Ordinary windows just let in the light, but windows made with modern technology can do so much more. We can replace your old-fashioned windows with Low-E windows. These high-quality, low-cost windows utilize special coating and high-performance glass to let in the visible light while blocking both heat and ultraviolet rays. This keeps your house warm when it's cold, and cool when it's hot, cutting down on heating and air conditioning costs. These windows soon pay for themselves.

Come by our showroom in downtown Salt Lake City or just call us to get a free estimate. We will show you how our green, custom made products can save you money while making your home more comfortable and better looking.

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