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Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring Cleaning Tips

We all know that in Utah, Mother Nature doesn’t really make her mind up about which season it really is until early summer. Despite the temperamental temperatures, April is a great time to work on spring cleaning. After being cooped up its time to de-clutter and disinfect. Designer Joe Nye, recommends a making the most out of your spring cleaning time. “Clean your house. And I mean really clean it,” he says. “Polish silver, wash windows, wipe down the lightbulbs in your lamps, wipe down the walls. Everything will gleam and glisten. The effect will be cathartic and make you feel like you have accomplished something.”1 Here at Advanced Window Products, we are excited to offer some simple tips to help with your spring window cleaning.

Breezy Cleaning!

If you have Advanced Window Products installed in your home, you may be feeling a bit giddy about how easy it is to clean the inside and the outside of your windows. Our windows have one of two features, depending on the style you have chosen. Our Sunview and Grandview windows easily pop out for cleaning. Our Liberty window is a double slider and the sashes lift out. Our Premier windows tilt in at an angle. Even on a second story window, cleaning is a breeze!

Window Cleaning Tips

  • There are many cleaning products on the market, including sprays and foams. For an easy home cleaning solution, fill a spray bottle with 3 tablespoons ammonia, 1 tablespoon vinegar & the remainder with water.2
  • Spray your cleaner onto the glass surface, wiping in a circular-motion with a slight pressure. This will help take away loose dirt and debris.
  • Start cleaning your windows on the outside first. If you are able to pick and choose, clean your windows on an overcast day, with a moderate temperature. This will help avoid streaking. Dry your windows going one direction outside, and another direction on the inside. If there are streaks, it will be easy to identify which side is the culprit.
  • Use paper towel, or newspaper, not glossy or magazine paper, to wash your glass. It is easy to throw out when the dirty work is done. Use one to clean off the solution, and another to dry the glass to ensure a streak free shine!
  • If you come across debris, such as paint on your window, use a razor blade to remove it. After examining your handy work from several angles, you can clean any smudges with your rag and solution.
  • When cleaning window sills, use diluted rubbing alcohol, with a cloth to rub the surface. Afterwards dust the sill off with a clean, dry cloth.
  • To clean your blinds, remove them and place in your bathtub to clean. You only need to just barely cover the blinds with water to wash them. Use an old washcloth or rag. Hang them up to dry.


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