Window replacement is an investment in your home and your family’s safety. You want to make sure you invest in the right style for the right reasons and for the right price. The latter (pricing) is probably one of the primary factors that will determine your decision apart from safety. But you need to consider all factors before that last factor makes the final call.

Below is a discussion on two common types of window installations: (1) retrofit windows (also known as replacement windows); and (2) full frame custom windows. Information is key to making the right decision.

What is window retrofitting?

Window retrofitting occurs when your current frames are used for the new windows. This is also known as window replacement because nothing is removed or changed but the windows. Windows are measured so that they fit exactly as the old windows fit. If the wood is rotting or damaged at all, however, replacing windows alone will not work. You will need to replace the frame as well.

What are full frame windows?

Full frame installation occurs when the entire window frame, lower and upper sash, trimming, casings, sill, and frame are removed and replaced. There is a wide range of options for persons who want to to completely replace their windows and frames. You do not have to stay with the design you once had, but you can if that’s what you want. You have more choices with full frame windows, like casementsingle sliderdouble slidersingle-hungdouble-hungbay windowstilt and turn, and even customized replacement window options. The overall finished product is also neater, sleeker, and tighter, making it stronger and more economically sound.

Retrofitted versus Full Frame Windows in Utah: the Pros & Cons

There are advantages and disadvantages to both types of installations. Here is a quick breakdown of what those look like.

Retrofit Window Advantages

  • Cost-effective if you are on a tight budget; it’s cheaper than full frame windows.
  • Best when you have time restraints and need the windows replaced quickly.
  • It keeps the same look and feel of your home.

Full Frame Window Advantages

  • Newer windows are safer and keep the integrity of the home more secure (as well as everyone inside the home).
  • This process addresses any rotting in the window frame and removes it.
  • The glass is usually wider, providing for a fuller viewing area.
  • The replacement of the entire frame and window together creates helps with weather tightness.
  • You can choose to either keep the same look of the existing window or go with a new look altogether to give your home new character.

Retrofit Window Disadvantages

  • If the home is old, then there is likely some rotting or damage to things like the casings, molding, etc., and replacing the window alone will not address the rotting wood.
  • The look of your home remains the same; there’s no new character added.

Full Frame Window Disadvantages

  • The costs are higher than simply replacing the glass, but you get a lot more with that replacement.

Get a Free Window Estimate in Utah Today: Contact Advanced Window Products

Replacing your windows, whether it is the glass alone or the entire frame and glass can be a big project. You want to know first if mere replacement is a bonafide option for you. Then, whether or not simply replacing is an option, you want to know what your other options are too. Because, though you may save money today by simply replacing the window, you may save money in the long run with better economically efficient windows resulting from a full frame window installation.

You now have a better idea of what retrofitting is versus full frame windows. Before you decide which you want to do, contact us at Advanced Window Products first. We can provide a free window estimate and answer your questions more specifically with regard to your actual project or potential project. We are here to help.

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