Your home's windows are an integral feature that allows in natural light and warmth, plus they have their own unique aesthetic qualities. However, as with most building components, there comes a time when they need replacing and when it's time for you to make this type of home improvement upgrade, you should consider the benefits of energy star windows.

Energy star windows are those windows marked by the little blue label with white writing and what that little blue label essential means is that the product has been ranked as among the best energy-efficient windows. But, you may ask yourself, why bother to buy energy star windows when you can buy normal windows at lower costs? Well, just consider the following great reasons why looking for that little blue energy star label can be so rewarding when you make home improvement upgrades:

Understanding the Power of the Energy Star Rating When Making Home Improvement Upgrades

Save Money Long-Term with Energy Efficient Windows

While it is true that the best energy efficient windows cost more upfront than traditional single and double pane options, it is also true that you will save hundreds every year in utility costs. According to Energy Star, when you choose one of their windows over a single pane window, you can save as much as $465 a year on your home utility bills. Thus, to buy energy star windows as a home improvement upgrade is to enjoy a lifetime of annual savings.

Reduced HVAC Maintenance and Related Costs with Energy Star Rated Windows

The reason why energy star windows save homeowners so much is that they are incredibly insulative and thereby significantly reduce heat transfer. So when you save on energy costs, you do so because your HVAC equipment won't need to cycle on as often and will instead keep the same even and desired temperature at lower energy costs. As such, homeowners who buy energy star windows find that their costs related to HVAC care and maintenance likewise go down as the units operate more efficiently with less overuse.

Increased Comfort in the Summer and Winter

With traditional windows, it is common for there to be hot spots during the summer and drafty cold spots during the winter as these products are not equipped to completely stop the transfer of heat. In contrast, energy-efficient windows get the little blue label precisely because of their abilities to stop heat transfer. The result is a home that is significantly more comfortable as it's without drafts or hot spots.

Contact Advanced Window Products in Salt Lake City, Utah to Learn More About the Benefits of Energy Star Windows or to Schedule Your Home Renovation

Here in Utah, we enjoy a full four-season climate with bitter cold, sweltering heat, and gorgeous buffer months. As such, energy-efficient windows offer homeowners all of the above benefits and make for a great home improvement upgrade no matter what part of the state you live in. And wherever that is, our team at Advanced Window Products is here to help you find the perfect windows for your home. Contact us today to learn more about our products or to schedule a home installation.

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