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Do you want a gift that does nothing?

Do you want a gift that does nothing?

Are you looking for that perfect something for your loved one? Why not consider the gift that does nothing. At Advanced Window Products all of our replacement windows are filled with Argon, the laziest of all natural elements that won’t change for anything.

Argon is the third most common gas in the Earth’s atmosphere. Argon comes from a Greek work that means, “lazy” or “inactive.” No really, that’s exactly what Argon does…. or doesn’t do… nothing. It has almost no chemical reactions, which is why it used in gas form to insulate the windows from fluctuating temperature. Argon prevents the heat from the summer rays, or the chill from the winter cold to seep through the glass and change the temperature on the inside of your home.

If you were to physically touch the windows on the inside of a home, when it was 20 degrees outside, a typical single-pane clear window will be 31 degrees on the inside. A double paned window will feel like 51 degrees. However, with the argon, triple silver coated windows that we provide, your home will feel a balmy 60 degrees on the inside, before you begin heating your house. If the temperature drops to negative 20 degrees outside, your windows are going to still be 52 degrees on the inside! That’s a temperature barrier of 72 degrees!!

So, when you are searching for a product that does amazing things for your home’s aesthetics, energy costs, and durability, choose a product that does nothing. Argon couldn’t be bothered to let anything disturb its natural state. Make sure to ask for windows that insulate your home from fluctuating temperatures with argon.

Call Advanced Window Products today for your free estimate on sound eliminating windows. Not only will you love what you see, but we think you’ll love the warm temperature of your house too!

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