Salt lake city Utah siding faces particular challenges as the weather heats up during the summertime months. These could potentially shorten the longevity of your vinyl siding. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to combat these effects.

Your Summertime Checklist

The following maintenance steps are simple but can provide you with big benefits.

Clean Your Siding

Because of the hot weather, debris and dirt will tend to stick to the vinyl siding more easily. For example, grass from mowing or sap from trees will not only make your home look dirty and unsightly, they can even affect the integrity of the material. Washing your siding at least weekly can help prevent rot and other damage.

Check for Cracks and Other Damage

In general, vinyl siding is a low-maintenance exterior material. However, that doesn't mean that it isn't affected by inclement weather. It might have even been damaged during the previous months, but only just now showing any signs.

Take a close look at your vinyl siding. You're looking for any cracks or pieces that are missing. If you find any, they'll need to be repaired so your home isn't exposed to the elements.

Note Any Fading or Chipping

The color of vinyl siding isn't painted on the surface. Instead, the color permeates throughout the actual material itself. While that means that is probably won't wear away, it doesn't mean that fading will never be an issue.

When you are taking a look at your vinyl siding, make note of any areas that are faded. The presence of fading could be a sign that the material will need to be replaced in the near future. Chipping is another sign that your vinyl siding is nearing the end of its lifespan.

Check for Pest and Insect Damage?

During the summertime, various pests and insects are active. Unfortunately, they often make their presence known by showing up within your home's exterior materials.

Sometimes, these unwanted visitors can find entry into your vinyl siding because of cracks or spaces. In other cases, they can gain a foothold in tiny spaces or gaps between the siding and your house.

If you see any cracks where pests and insects have entered, be sure to repair them. You'll also want to contact a professional extermination company in order to eradicate them before they do any further damage.

Contact the Top Siding Contractors in Utah

Even though vinyl siding is an exterior material that is low in maintenance, Utah siding companies know that doesn't mean that it doesn't require any care at all. By taking just an hour or two each week, you can help ensure that your home looks great and is well protected from the elements.

As siding contractors in Utah, Advanced Window Products is passionate about helping homeowners with the exteriors of their homes. We offer free estimates -- with virtual estimates available too -- as well as easy financing. If approved, you won't have any payments due or no interest for 24 months. Learn more by contacting our friendly staff today!

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