While living in her 80 year old home, Melva had her windows replaced by Advanced Window Products.

“The windows have performed beautifully. I have experienced reduced energy costs and they have really enhanced the exterior of my home. I have, and will continue to recommend this company to my family and friends.”
Although there are many features about our windows that our customers love, we have one clear advantage that sets us apart from the competition. It is our glass. Every window, and every sliding door features Cardinal’s LoE-366 glass. This is ultimate performance glass and makes other technologies obsolete. Argon filled, and triple coated with silver add up to year round comfort and incredible savings for you.
  • In the soaring heat of summer, LoE-366 glass keeps the heat outside without tinting so you keep great visibility.
  • Our high efficiency glass provides fade protection, blocking 95% of ultraviolet rays.
  • During cold winter months, our windows have thermal insulation, and can keep your inside glass temperature up to 40 degrees warmer than other glass, which ultimately helps keep your heat inside and the cold outside.