Windows are often underappreciated and overlooked when building a house. Most homebuilders ignore the various window options available today and just settle for an uninspiring addition to the house that only serves to fill the gaps left on the wall. However, windows are essential for air circulation and natural lighting, but they also give a home a unique appeal. Here are some important factors to consider when fitting windows to a house.

New Construction Windows or Replacement Windows?

New construction windows and replacement windows are quite different. If you are building a new house, new construction windows are best since they are designed for the initial fitting. They even come with a nail fin for nailing directly onto the frame. Retrofit, on the other hand, are made for a quick replacement of an existing window. They require little effort to install from inside the house, without clipping way any building material along the frame or altering the trim.

Choose the Window’s Construction Material

Both retrofit windows and new construction windows can be made from a variety of material. The most popular materials for window construction are wood, aluminum, and vinyl. Vinyl is the least expensive of the three. In addition, vinyl requires the least maintenance, yet it is equally as energy efficient as wood - which significantly costs more. Vinyl is not only the most affordable window building material but also has a low environmental impact, is durable, strong and very flexible when it comes to aesthetic options.

Select Suitable Window Styles for Every Room

You don't need to have matching windows for every room. Each room can have an identity of its own through the type of windows you choose to install. Several window types are available to choose from; the types are mostly distinguished by the way the window opens or is fitted to the wall.

  • Awning Windows: Awning windows are hinged at the top and open outwards to form a kind of overhang on the window. This means the window can remain open even when it rains.
  • Bay & Bow Windows: These are windows curved so that they project outwards from the wall. They are great for creating extra sitting and shelving space inside and letting in plenty of natural light.
  • Casement Windows: A casement window is hinged on the side and open outwards in a similar fashion to a door. An extended crank is used to push the window away to open and pull it in to close.
  • Double and Single Hung Windows: A single hung window has a lower sash that opens from the bottom. The top half of the window remains intact while the bottom half opens vertically up and down. Double hang windows can open from the top or the bottom. Both the top sash and bottom sash can be moved.
  • Picture Windows: These are static or fixed windows that cannot be opened. They are almost exclusively used to let in natural light into a room. Picture windows are energy efficient, but don’t let in or out any air.
  • Single or Double Slider Windows: Sliding windows open and close by sliding horizontally from left to right. These windows are usually large and are fitted to take up space on large-area walls to provide a wide view.

Choosing the Glass

The glass making the window is an essential aspect of a window. The glass plays a role in energy efficiency and light propagation. Popular energy efficient glass packages include:

  • Low E – low emissivity glass has a micro-thin film of coating inside the glass that insulates the window from cold winters and the suns heat in the summer.
  • Double pane glass – Insulating glass has two panes, an inert gas or vacuum fills the spaces between glass panes to improve insulation.

The government has a certification standard for windows’ energy efficiency called Energy Star. The program determines a window’s energy efficiency by gauging the glass, the insulator gas, the spacing, and reinforcement. Before settling for any energy efficient window, look up how well it stacks up on Energy Star.

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