The holidays will be upon us soon, as well as cold weather. If you do not have a pet door, then your days will be more hectic then most. You will have to plan your activities around taking your pet outside. This can be very cumbersome and can add anxiety to your holidays and to your pets. Additional holiday events, such as parties, and family members coming and going may cause additional stress to your pet, which can result in unusual behavior. Sliding Glass Pet Doors from Advanced Window Products can offer you a solution with providing you the best Pet Sliding door, which covers any concerns regarding energy efficiency.

Are Doggie Doors a Good Idea in Utah's Winters?

When pet doors were first produced, not much thought went into energy efficiency. The design and development created flaps for the doors, but these flaps allowed cold and hot air into the homes and energy bills sky rocketed. This changed quickly with companies sending the dog doors back to research and development to create dog doors that are energy efficient. Advanced Window Products offers pet doors that are energy efficient and control the temperature. Our Sliding Glass Pet Door offers the following benefits:
  • The sliding glass door replaces the entire door providing amazing insulation.
  • The door frame itself is energy efficient, increasing thermal efficiencies.
  • The door flap is energy efficient: The Endura Flap increases efficiency and seals via magnetic strips as soon as the pet enters or exits the home.
  • The best part is the energy efficiency through out the entire door is that is doesn't obstruct your view; in fact, the design maximizes your view of your beautiful yard!
  • The Sliding pet door does not affect the temperatures in the home
This pet door can either be installed as a new sliding glass door, or an insert can be installed into the frame of an existing door. Regardless of which option you choose, you can rest assured that not only can your pet come and go as they please, but the temperature inside your home won’t be affected by it, either.

Advantages of a Magnetic Dog Door During the Holidays

The holidays are stressful on us as it is - but what about our pets? You have to schedule your shopping, attending parties, shopping, and other errands around your pets. With a pet door you are free to run errands, shop, attend parties with no worries.  Family and friends will be coming in the house on different occasions - some staying overnight. There will be a lot more activity in the house and that can make a pet nervous - and if your pet is anxious by nature, all the activity will cause your pet additional anxiety. A Sliding Glass Pet door would allow your pet to go outside to avoid all the activity and help reduce their anxiety. The Advanced Window Sliding Pet Door will help with the cold weather. You no longer have to take your pet outside and freeze while your furry friend sniffs everything in sight and then does what it needs to do. Cold weather goes hand in hand with the Holidays. The design of the Sliding Glass Pet Door helps to control the temperature in your home while your pet goes outside and comes back in quickly when it is too cold. The holidays are meant to be cheerful, and that means louder Christmas music, putting up a Christmas tree with blinking lights, and Caroler's ringing the door bell and singing lovely Christmas songs. When your pet feels a strong urge to get out of the house, once again, the Sliding Glass Pet Door comes to its rescue and offers freedom for your pet.

Advanced Window Products Helps To Reduce Holiday Stress

The Sliding Glass Pet door from Advanced Window Products is the answer to giving your pet – and yourself – freedom. You will feel more secure about your pet and your pet will feel less anxious during the holidays. Contact Advanced Window Products for your pet door needs, and check out the other services we offer, including windows, French Doors, Sliding Glass Doors, Vinyl siding and more. Call us at 801-438-3515 today, and we would be happy to answer any questions or assist you with any needs you may have.

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