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Back to School for the Homeowner

Back to School for the Homeowner

If you haven’t noticed the children’s clothing ads, or the call on mothers everywhere to purchase supplies of paper and pencils, in the media, or if you’ve been ignoring the facebook feeds with first day of school pictures, its that time of year again! Back to school! Whether you celebrate the occasion or dread it, we wanted to take you Back to School for the homeowner. When is it time to invest in your home with new windows, roofs or siding, vs. when is a repair adequate?

Grandview Single Slide Window - Advanced Window ProductsWindows:

  • What are the aging indicators from your windows?
  • Moisture between glass
  • Cracked or discolored frames
  • Water coming through the windows
  • Cold air around the window when it’s cold outside
  • Intensified heat coming through glass
  • Fading of carpets or other materials inside from the sun.

Pros for replacing your windows:

  • You can have better temperature control for your home, both in the winter and in the summer.
  • There will be no fading of your furniture or fabrics inside your home.
  • Your energy costs go down, both during the cold and the summer months.
  • You will also enjoy an improved home appearance!

Utah Vinyl Siding - Advanced Window ProductsVinyl Siding:

  • Do you want to improve the look of your home’s exterior?
  • Would you rather redo the siding than move to upgrade your home’s asthetics?
  • Does your home have ugly, or worn exterior materials?

Pros for replacing your siding:

  • Certain types of siding will add insulation to your home. It’s like putting a warm coat over your home, keeping your energy costs down.
  • Vinyl siding comes in tons of different colors and styles. You can really improve and upgrade your home’s appearance without breaking the bank!

Upstairs WindowsRoofing:


  • Do you have any of the warning signs that your roof needs some care?
    • Leaking overhead
    • Worn or faded shingles
    • Curling shingles
    • Missing shingles


Avoid longterm problems by repairing or replacing your old roof.

  • If you have some of these problems, your home could be taking on moisture and/or great amounts of water where they cannot yet see.
  • Its better to repair early or put off a new roof because you were willing to maintain your roof, than ignore the problem and be forced into a costly renovation.
  • Asking for a professional opinion about your roof doesn’t cost you a penny. Understanding the life expectancy of your roof can help you plan ahead for long term maintenance.


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