Arched windows add a timeless flourish to any home. They celebrate sunlight. With the perfect grilles and hues, they bring beautiful aesthetics to the home's exterior and into the interior style.

If you are thinking of adding this effect to your home, consider whether you'd like a true arched window. An excellent alternative? Vertical, side-by-side windows topped with a half-moon or "eyebrow" window. 

The Arched Window

There's the fixed arch window, which serves to let the light in. You'll often encounter this style when admiring stained-glass windows of a church, or the beautiful dome effects of historic train stations.

Arched windows that open are more interesting to most homeowners, as they carry the aesthetics of classical fixed arched windows yet open up to let a breeze in. Either casement or double-hung windows work in the arched style.

Keep in mind how you'll want the grilles (or grids—those bars separating the panes) shaped. These may create squares. Or they might create a diamond pattern, fanned out across your arch.

The Eyebrow Arch Window

An eyebrow window consists of a rectangular window panel, or multiple panels, topped off by a semi-circular arch. This can create the look you'll love while streamlining your costs. 

The eyebrow shape alone can also play a dramatic role in the look and function of a home, cottage, or garage roof.  

Eyebrow windows offer the versatility to bring the arched window style to practically any facet of your home.

Custom Arched Window Options

When you've selected just the right arched window style for your home renovation, find the perfect hue for your frames. 

For traditional homes, the window frame should contrast brightly with the exterior wall color. Consider the full palette of foliage hues, from red to bronze, medium brown to dark brown. Depending on your primary exterior paint choice, any of these colors can provide show-stopping frames for your new window.

Is your home designed in a modern style? Then you'll want your window frames to blend smoothly into the overall colors of the home. Here, a breezy and cool hue is perfect: grey, almond, silver, clay, or green, for example.

For a red brick home, beige or cream frames will set off your exterior windows handsomely.  

Complimentary Interior Design 

Your arch window can be subtly reflected in your choice of decor. For example, you might add complementarily curved touches, such as circular or spherical light fixtures. 

Or repeat the arched style in other interior elements—perhaps the framing of a fireplace, the valances in place over other windows, room dividers or cabinetry.

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