Whether building a new home or renovating an older one, most homeowners want to choose the very best materials available. Not only should these materials be affordable and long lasting, they should also help provide an improved level of energy efficiency and add to the overall appearance and value of the home. Professionally installed, quality vinyl siding is one material with the capability of fulfilling all these requirements and more.

Vinyl Siding Offers a Look that is Easy to Love

One of the most noticeable benefits of choosing vinyl siding over paint or other types of siding is the appearance. Vinyl siding has the power to give older homes a complete makeover by permanently covering imperfections, signs of aging and the scars from old repairs, effectively renewing the appearance of a home that may have been remodeled or added onto in the past. Even newly constructed homes benefit from the look of modern vinyl siding. No longer generic in appearance like some of the early products, today's modern vinyl siding has evolved to offer a wide range of colors, styles, textues and shapes that are certain to add artistic appeal and character to any home or neighborhood. Whether you prefer the look of finely grained lumber siding, the rustic charm of wooden shakes, the vintage appearance of old stone or something else entirely, today's modern vinyl siding can add the visual character you desire.

Vinyl Siding Adds Curb Appeal

Installing vinyl siding on an existing home can also help to add to the home's curb appeal when it is time to sell. Not only will prospective buyers appreciate the uniform beauty of vinyl siding, they will also realize the added benefits that can come from purchasing a home that is already protected from the elements by the durability of this quality siding choice.

Vinyl Siding Resists Damage from Weather, Pests and More

Polymer-based vinyl siding that is chosen for its quality and professionally installed also has a rain-screening design that prevents water from accumulating behind the siding. Homes that are protected from the elements with quality vinyl siding suffer far fewer problems with moisture damage, such as rot and decay. Certified vinyl siding must be able to withstand 110 mph winds and most quality vinyl siding is capable of withstanding even higher wind speeds. In addition to wind, it is also able to withstand the extreme heat of the hottest summers and the bone-chilling cold of arctic-like winters. The exterior of our homes are under constant attack from far more than just weather. Termites, carpenter bees, wood peckers and other insects and birds love to feast on wooden siding and trim, especially when the wood is aged or weathered. With quality vinyl siding, homeowners are able to avoid many of these common pest problems.

Vinyl Siding Helps Improve Comfort Levels and Energy Efficiency

Expertly installed vinyl siding creates a protective blanket for your home. By adding to the R-value of the home the heating and cooling systems are able to operate more efficiently in extreme weather. This not only offers the potential for savings on utility costs, it can also help to raise the comfort level of the people and pets who reside within the home. Homeowners can also opt to install an additional, separate layer of insulation underneath the vinyl siding of their choice to further boost the R-value and increase the home's overall comfort and efficiency. With the ability to reduce thermal bridging, insulated vinyl siding is now on the list of home building materials recognized by the EnergyStar® Qualified Home program as fitting their requirements for the construction of new homes.

Vinyl Siding Requires Little Maintenance

Unlike paint that requires scraping, sanding and frequent reapplication to stay beautiful, or other types of siding products that are subject to rain rot and other maintenance issues, vinyl siding rarely needs more than an occasional wash to retain its great looks. Quality vinyl siding ages far better than paints, stains and other siding choices, even after years and years of use.

Vinyl Siding Can Help Buffer Loud Noises

In addition to the previously mentioned energy efficiency benefits, the insulating value of vinyl siding also offers a layer of noise protection. Traffic noise, barking dogs and even the neighbor's annoying early morning lawn mowing habits become muffled and less aggravating.

Vinyl Siding is Affordable

The installation of quality vinyl siding offers one of the best returns a homeowner can get for their remodeling dollars. Because it can be installed over most existing surfaces, labor and material costs are often far less than other types of exterior siding products and with no need for expensive maintenance and repairs, homeowner can continue to save money for decades to come.

No Better Time to Consider Salt Lake City Vinyl Siding Installation

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