Winter is the perfect time to judge the integrity and performance of your window systems, which include the window's glass pane, the window frame, window screens, along with the adhesive sealants and mechanical fasteners that hold the entire assembly firmly in place. In addition to a visual inspection of your windows, if you are experiencing higher than normal heating bills during the cold and windy winter seasons then you should consider a new window installation Salt Lake City.

5 Signs You Need New Windows

Condensation on Window Glass

If your residential windows fog up or you see moisture building up on the inside of the glass pane, that is condensation - which may be a sign of a failing window system. Especially when you notice moisture between the two panes of glass, this is a good indication that the window seals are failing. When condensation is on the outside of the window glass, first thing in the morning when the sun is warming up the window surface, this is generally not a problem.

Cold Drafts Around Frame

If you can feel a cold draft or notice air moving your curtains when the wind blows, then your entire window system may be at fault. Seals, fasteners, loose glass panes, or faulty window frames can all contribute to air entering through the window. Temporary fixes are not a match as drafty windows tend to get worse as time goes on and they can be a major reason why you're paying extra money for both heating and cooling.

Water Leaking onto Interior

In old homes, bad window frames can be the cause for water leaking into the home when it rains or snows. But, even new homes can have this problem when low-quality windows have been installed or the workmanship during installation was inferior. Consider a vinyl window replacement for all windows that are nearing the 20-year mark. If you notice signs of water leaking into your home at the windows, the window frame may be failing or the window glass has become slightly detached causing tiny gaps. A lack of window seals, dry and cracked putty and rotting wood frames can all be causes of water leaking through windows during the winter.

Rattling Windows on Windy Days

Winter is the perfect time to judge how your entire window system is performing. If the windows rattle or vibrate on windy days, this is an indication that the windowpane is not secured to the frame. Another common reason for rattling windows is that the sash itself has become loose. Over time, your windows are exposed to winds, rain, and snow that can make the window system grow weaker over time. As these stresses continue, the windows may no longer fit properly within the window tracks and cause a noisy and drafty condition within your home.

Higher Energy Bills During Winter

Windows are expected to last between 15 and 20 years. Even if you have no other signs that you need to replace your windows, old windows are the main reason why homes lose heat in the winter and are harder to cool down in the summer. Consider high-efficiency, vinyl window replacement for an air-tight seal and a window material that does react to extremes in heat and cold.

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