Have you ever stopped to think about your roof? Most likely you go about about your day, with work, kids, house, school and the never ending to-do list without a thought about what’s overhead, that is until something goes wrong. Your house is the biggest investment that you will ever make, and its your roof that protects your whole house, and life. A roof keeps your family warm in the winter, and cool in the summer. It prevents the natural elements from whipping their way into your world. It literally protects all of your belongings.

Most of our customers who invest time and money into researching their roof’s needs come to us after they notice a problem.

With winter at our doorstep, now is a great time to take a few minutes in examining your roof’s well being. The next four months will give Utah homeowners temperature fluctuations that are renowned for expanding and contracting minor problems into large catastrophes. Water can freeze and thaw several times per week in the winter months, depending on the weather patterns. If water stalls as puddles on your roof or rain gutters, and transforms to ice, then water, then to ice again, major problems can form.

Faulty roofs can:

  • cause water damage inside your walls
  • destroy the interior paint
  • create a perfect environment for mold growth
  • damage your attic’s insulation and infrastructure
  • crack or damage your home’s exterior

What are the clues that your roof is leaking?

Damage can cost thousands to fix, you know that. But what are the small signs that something isn’t quite right? Here are four easy ways to identify you may have a problem.
  • Bubbling paint
  • Ice damns in your rain gutters or roof
  • Mold in your attic
  • Blocked vents in your attic

What can you do?

Sometimes a small fix such as adding heat tape or ice flashing can ensure that winter water will congregate underground where it is supposed to be, rather than overhead where they will wreck havoc. If a major repair or replacement is required, we can offer 0% financing options for those who qualify. We’ve been helping homeowners with their overhead worries for 26 years. We can help you too. Call or click today!