Aria, 6 Walt Disney World Wish   Advanced Window Products is a proud, regular sponsor of Utah's Make-A-Wish Program. Each year Make-A-Wish helps grant wishes to children, and in June of 2019, they were able to grant 171 wishes for kids in our state. With your help, we recently granted the wish of six-year-old Aria, who wished to go to Walt Disney World with her family. After returning home, Aria's mom sent us this heartfelt message of gratitude:  

Aria - Make a Wish 1 - Advanced Window Products
Granting Aria's Wish - Make a Wish Foundation UT - Advanced Window Products
Aria at Disneyland - Make a Wish Foundation - Advanced Window Products

"Thank you for granting my daughter’s wish! Before the trip, Aria showed little to no interest in anything and showed no real desire to even keep going. After her trip, she’s a different kid. She’s full of life, full of energy, and so happy all the time, now. She does more imaginative play, has a joy for learning, and it’s like she has the desire to live now. THANK YOU for that!!! You’ve truly saved my daughter’s life!"   Thank you for giving kids like Aria the hope and strength they need to fight harder. Your generosity gives children who are battling a critical illness and their families the chance to believe anything is possible - even surviving a life-threatening medical condition.