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Patriot Windows

Patriot Single Slide Window - Advanced WindowIf there were a pinnacle product for Advanced Window products, this would be it! If you have been looking for a vinyl replacement window for your home that offers a beautiful finished look, the Patriot line is the perfect, custom made window for your home. This is a window that you can’t find anywhere else on the market. It offers an elegant, high-style look, with improved durability, along with a lifetime limited warranty.

The Patriot Window comes in either a single sliding window or a single hung window. It has an extremely tight fit. Besides Advanced Window’s traditional high-performance glass, this window also has top performance glazing, providing additional strength and aesthetics to the finished product.

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Features and Benefits!

Patriot Single Hung Window - Advanced Window

  • Single Swing or Single Slide Window
  • Enhanced color options; white and clay.
  • On the single hung, the window goes up and down, and the sash does tilt in.
  • On the slider, the window moves side to side. It latches instead of lifts out.
  • It has a tighter sash giving a cleaner look.
  • This window unlatches for easy cleaning.
  • High-performance glass coated with LoE-366. It also has top performance glazing.
  • Patents include: drain channel, slide block, safety clip and structural clip
  • Heavy, multi-chambered frame provides increased durability and strength.
  • Air tight with high thermal performance
  • Less dust and dirt coming through the frame.
  • Weather stripping prevents drafts and moisture from coming in your home.