Sliding Glass Doors with Blinds Between the GlassIf you’re looking for a quality sliding glass door with unique features then look no further! Advanced Windows offers patio sliding glass doors with blinds between the glass, making it easier to clean, as well as provide a sleek look with control over privacy and the amount of light entering your home. If you're like many families, the porch sliding glass door may be the most frequently-used door in your home. However, pinning back curtains each time you pass through can be an annoyance, and cleaning your sliding glass doors blinds can be even more of a hassle. You may also find yourself performing minor repairs as your sliding glass door blinds are bumped, jostled, or even cracked by those passing through.

Patio sliding glass doors with a between the glass blinds option can give you all the advantages of traditional blinds while eliminating much of these maintenance and repair issues. Contact Advanced Windows Products today to get started. We make it easy to get Patio sliding glass doors with blinds between the glass by offering 0% financing for 24 months and providing a limited 10-year full warranty! Read on to learn more about the features and advantages of sliding glass doors with built-in blinds between the glass.

What Features do these Doors Offer?

Durability. These sliding glass patio doors are made with incredibly durable frames, providing additional reinforcement to the glass (and blinds) within. The precision of construction ensures that these doors are essentially air-tight, providing extra insulation while preventing any dust or debris from penetrating the area between the panes of glass.

Ease of Operation. The attached operator allows you to raise, lower, and tilt the blinds at will, easily creating whatever look or light flow you'd like. Those who are left-handed will also enjoy the ability to attach the operator to either the left or right side of the door, providing some additional flexibility; meanwhile, you'll also have the option of installing the operator at or above the 30" mark.

The range of Colors. These doors are available in six classy colors to match just about any decor. You'll be able to select from white, tan, sand, espresso, slate gray, and silver moon options.

What are Some Unique Benefits of Sliding Glass Doors with Between the Glass Blinds?

These doors are ideal for all households but are especially well-suited for homes with children, pets, or allergy sufferers.

    • Cordless operation ensures the safety of children and curious pets while avoiding the ugly tangled appearance that can often accompany blinds cords.
    • Dust-free blinds eliminate a common source of airborne allergens for sensitive individuals.
    • Tempered safety glass or annealed glass provide extra strength while ensuring that this door won't pose any danger to you or your family if a natural disaster or other event causes it to break. 

What Types of Glass are Available for these Doors?

These doors come with one of two glass options: tempered and annealed.

Tempered glass is strengthened with heat to make it more durable than traditional glass. Tempered glass is also designed to crumble into small, dull-sided cubes (rather than shards) when shattered; although it's quite hard to break these doors, doing so won't put you in any danger of being cut.

Annealed glass has been slowly and carefully cooled (after being heated in a kiln). This slow cooling process ensures that any internal pressures or weaknesses in the glass have been eliminated before the door is constructed, making it much more shatter-resistant than regular plate glass or even tempered glass.

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