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Roosevelt Sliding Glass Doors and Installation

It’s a delightful summer evening. Your family is all home, and you have stepped outside from the kitchen to barbecue dinner on the back patio. You can hear kids playing in the background, and the aroma on the grill makes your mouth water. The last thing you should have to worry about when carrying your plate of freshly cooked meat into the house is a snaggy glass door. Afterall, your hands are tied up the tasty treats for tonight’s dinner.


Advanced Window Products provides Roosevelt sliding glass doors. With nearly 30 years in the business we are proud to provide a product that will continue to perform as perfectly as they day it is installed for years to come.


No other product that we manufacture requires as much ongoing movement as do sliding glass doors. They need to be sturdy and durable, yet angelic in their action. A small child can just as easily open our sliding glass doors as any adult. They are built to last.


Our heavy vinyl frames include our high performance glass for all installations in Roosevelt, Utah.


The frames have built in multi-chambers, which adds increased strength and longevity. The glass is produced by Cardinal, the world’s largest glass manufacturer, and includes three invisible coatings of silver. The reflection created actually repels the sun’s UV rays, which decrease your home’s carbon footprint by requiring less energy to heat or cool your home. Argon is natural element which, quite frankly, is just plain lazy. Argon is used frequently in manufacturing because it doesn’t react to friction or heat. We use this natural gas in between the layers of glass as a barrier from the fluctuating outdoor temperatures.


Sliding glass doors carry a 100% lifetime warranty and qualify for cash rebates from local utility suppliers.


The only worry you should have now is what color to choose to match your home’s style. Call today to receive a free, no obligation estimate. After all, we know that you’ll love what you see!

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