Taking center stage provides an opportunity for actors to shine after years of hard work and perseverance. What about you, as a homeowner, don’t you feel like you deserve a well earned round of applause for all your hard work in making your home the shining star? Imagine a backyard party, you are carrying your delectable dinner out to the patio, followed by an entourage of hungry fans. The patio table is set, and the citronella candles are flickering. All that is between you and your moment in the spotlight is that good-for-nothing sliding glass door. Yeah, it keeps the bugs out of the house, but it also tends to keep family members out too, because it is so hard to open and close. After much debacle, the doors are coerced open and the fanfare can begin.   Advanced Window products proudly provides Cedar City sliding glass doors. We have been in the home improvement for nearly 30 years. If your sliding glass door gets stuck, give us a call. If the frame is made from metal and seems to be warped, give us a call. If you can feel heat or cold radiated from your sliding glass door, give us a call. These are just three of the common problems that face Cedar City homeowners when it comes to their glass doors.   IMPORTANT: Many contractors use the cheapest materials possible when building your home. That includes inexpensive metal frames for your sliding glass doors. With Utah’s extreme temperatures, soaring well over 100 in the summer and plummeting to below freezing in the winter, all of that fluctuation begins to permanently expand and contract the metal frame on your door. Pretty soon the door that opened and closed without much effort seems to require a forward, forward, back, forward motion of a Jr. High School locker combination to get it open and closed. Plus, the metal frame acts as a conductor to whatever the outside temperature. If its hot outside, you are inviting that searing heat right into your living room, if its freezing, guess why your little people have cranked up the thermostat again.   Replacing your sliding glass doors is easy. Give us a call at 801-505-9622 or click here today. We can have one of our friendly sales staff out to your home in a jiffy. There is not pressure, no gimmicks, just easy to open, sturdy sliding glass doors.